Hi dear friends!
I’m sorry for my absence these last few days. I wanted to set my mind clear and try to say something that makes sense about everything, about World Taekwondo Championships 2015 I got the chance to participate in.
Unfortunately, I fought only once, lost my first match against Iran. I’m the one who didn’t make more chances to enjoy, although I wanted it so badly.
I still feel I could do so much more. I sticked to the tactics we set before the fight, and made few mistakes that costed me winning the match. But there’s nothing more to do about it…
Despite of it all, I feel I have lots of reasons to be thankful.
Taekwondo is really my biggest love, and passion for taekwondo is what keeps me moving forward.
Thank you to all of you that continuosly encourage me and help me get up stronger each time I fall. Especially thank you my club, Taekwondo klub Dubrava! 🙂
Congratulations to whole Croatian national team, to Ana and Iva for winning the medals, but also to the rest of the team, for every game won, every point scored, and the whole journey that took us to come to this competition.
New fights and challenges are waiting for us… Let’s move on, together! 🙂
Yours truly, Martina

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